Medication or meditation
A mandala or "wheel of life" is used for ritual ceremonies and meditation. A mandala has a round pattern that symbolizes the cosmos and is used for achieving inner peace and mental stability.

A mandala, and in particular the middle, can be used during meditation as an object to focus. The symmetrical geometric shape ensures that attention is automatically focused on the center.

This mandala was an assignment by pharmacy 'Het Oude Land' in 's Gravenzande, The Netherlands, in honor of its 50-year anniversary. Therefor the number of 69 stands as a symbol of yin yang in the center of this mandala. Various other references to this anniversary have been put into it as well.
‘Mandala’ ©2019 | Van Lieshout VI | 70 x 70 cm. | Collage of pills in blister packs

ps. the pills are medicine waste returned to the pharmacy

Deze Mandala is onderdeel van mijn project over 'Medicijn en Maakbaarheid'.