A necklace made of strepsil blisters (strepsil is a tablet against sore throat and cough), which depicts people in quarantine. In the round pictures you can see a reference to the old-fashioned medallion: you carry your loved ones with you and in sight. This necklace is a 3D pen drawing, the structure of which is reminiscent of (an enlargement of) our saliva.
Magazines are an effective way to pass the time. I used photos from magazines that were laying in my house for this necklace (normally I only use my own photography). I painted the faces pale with some oilpaint.

The necklace is accompanied with a blister bracelet.

Blister necklace, 3D pen, PLA, stripsilblisters, painted magazine photos.
This necklace is an entry for the Open Call of CODA museum in Apeldoorn, Netherlands: design a quarantine piece of jewelry, may 2020.