© 2019 Van Lieshout VI | "Evening: The Red Tree" Manipulated Photography, print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive DPII Pearl, glued between acyl glass and dibond | limited edition: 10
© 2019 Van Lieshout VI | "Devotion II" Manipulated Photography, print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Professional Paper Maxima 220 grs paper glued between museum glass and dibond | limited edition: 10
On October 1, 2019, the Mondriaanhuis in Amersfoort exists 25 years. In that context, the museum organizes the exhibition '25 x 25 x 25'. Twenty-five members of De Ploegh, the famous Dutch artists' association, have created a work of 25 x 25 centimeters especially for this exhibition.

Van Lieshout VI was inspired by Mondrian's "Devotion" and "Evening: The Red Tree". The first work can be seen at the Mondrian House (Amersfoort, Netherlands), until march 8th 2020. In both cases she took Mondrian's subject and composition as a starting point to give it its own, modern interpretation.

Van Lieshout VI was struck by the colours of Mondrian's "Devotion" (1908). She went in search of a model that was looking just the same as Mondriaan's girl. She took pictures of her in the same pose, depicted in profile. After that she used the same colors for a starting point when editing her image, and added a nod to pointilism/luminism. At Van Lieshout VI however, the flower in the painting has been replaced by a jellyfish and the devout innocence of the Mondrian girl has been translated into the child of today: less ignorant. It's a preoccupied young lady, fascinated by an earthly world full of mystery and threats.

Both works are for sale. For more information, leave us a message: suzan@vlvi.nl
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